Email Verification

Cub 3 years ago • updated by Unexpectable 3 years ago 5

Even after verifying your email in game, and via. the forum, your help-site account will state you haven't done so. When clicking on 'Send verification email', you will not get the message in your inbox. (Checked spam, too.)


I haven't even gotten the email and have tried a bunch of times.


It is already a known issue. You are not able to setup an email account or edit your profile (except your avatar). Please do not post duplicate topics.


Why are you guys downvoting him. I came here to say the same thing to. People already know about this and are working on it.


I actually noticed a bunch of random downvotes today


Yeah.. What is up with all the down-votes? (I guess this might just be the site where all the haters like to come.)