Game sometimes locks you out of forum/help

501st_Commander 3 years ago updated by themarshall3052 3 years ago 2

Yesterday, I was locked out of the Help site for 5+ hours. Thankfully I wasn't locked out of the forum, where I discovered it happened to others. Some of them were even locked out of both and had to take months. The bug basically deleted my username and password from the database; when I tried to log in to the Help site, it just said, "Username and password combination does not exist." I hope you fix this soon, because it has happened to a lot of players and has interfered with troubleshooting this problem.

I wasn't able to log into my Ace_of_Sp4des account on the forum or help site, but I was able to log in with my BlueNinja1027 account. Luckily I can log back in again.

same here, but my username was not in game either! (they fixed the in-game one, but not the forum and help site). Thankfully, its kind of fixed now?, because i cant log in, then i can, then i cant...