Invisible hacker

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This person was not only invisible in the game and in the player menu, but was also a hacker. I never got a good video of this (partly because I need 2 hands to play, but I'll describe it to the best of my ability.

There was in isida who was invisible. (the flame is visible and audible though) It is hidden in the walls of the buildings. whenever you were to drive by it, it would shoot and kill you but the game doesn't say that somebody killed me or that I self destruct. I took some pictures after the game where I remember getting killed by it. More like I took the pictures, put them in word, put the lines in, then took more pictures.

Just another bug I noticed, After I flipped over, I pressed delete immediately, then when there was 2 seconds left it showed the "stuck press delete" screen over top of the timer. And why did it flip the pictures?

The pictures are arranged from the most recent time I was killed to the last time I was killed. (I meant to do it the other way but there is no way to move them around.

The red as you can guess is the isida flame that was shooting at me.

So there are a few explanations for this...

One the invisible player (or white player) bug that has been reported many times and they are working on fixing. Or the player could actually be inside the walls.

Did you put the red in afterwards to highlight the isida, or was that how it appeared in game?

Also if it was hurting you then why are you at full health?

As i said... I edited the pictures in word. hence the red line. I took these pics after the battle since I need both hands to play and one to hold my phone. There is no way someone can just drive through a building like that. The last (first) pick shows that the isida was also below the ground. Invisible players can't do that, nor can they drive through buildings.

So there is a bug that when a player is invisible and uses isida the beam doesn't come from his barrel. It comes from somewhere else on the map. I remember somebody else having the same problem a few weeks back with a players isida beam that didn't match-up to the turret.

I don't see how this would work. This player was clearly aiming at me in the battle. If the player's beam was elsewhere on the map like you said, then how did it have such incredible accuracy? Let alone a 11 kills 0 death stats!

I meant that he might have been invisible and shooting you, but was not underground or in a wall as the beam appered to be.

It could be possible this guy is exploiting the fact that some of the wall textures aren't 'solid'. Try to go 'into the wall' like he did and tell us the results.

I have a few theories on your story and the invisible bug.

  1. The isida player stays in that area because when you are bugged (as I have been) you are stuck with a spectator like screen so he maybe barely saw himself. So he shoots you in the same area while invisible.
  2. This could be the fake tank as well and it appears to shoot through the wall but he actually maybe chasing you behind, your client does not see the same thing as the enemy's client.

I doubt so.

1) He/she should report the problem, secondly, there is no way the player could unknowingly go into the buildings.

2) The client must view the same screen or else everything will crash and all tanks would be invisible. Then there's the problem that I was surrounded by tanks from all sides at times, yet the isida still killed me. It had stats of 11 kills 0 loses.


I have worked with networking in another game engine before and it is possible to see things that nobody else can, a replication glitch created by the client. The player I believe was not in the wall, just what your client sees, the tank attacking you is not where you think.

EDIT: To be honest I have been through this and know exactly what you are talking about.

Take a look at this


Yup, this is what I was thinking it was, an invisible player with an isida beam that doesn't match up with the turret.

Could you explain a perfect kill rate. In a battle in which I had upwards of 40 kills. And there were the full capacity of 16 people in the battle. Most had over 10 kills, like the isida, but the lower you went in the ranks, the more deaths you saw (there wasn't anybody who joined late game

The invisible bug either make their name in tab white or not even visible, they could rack up kills fast as long as they don't run into anyone and perhaps drug.

i had it with TAPAKAH_HA_TAHKEPE

and he told me that he was a hacker.

then i went on to his team i could see him and he was shooting through buildings.

just thought i would report him.

Bumping does nothing and you have to make another report with actual proof

i just broke my neck .