Cool hull idea?

blazedoc_23 3 years ago • updated by davidthegreat 3 years ago 4

The LaDorian: (Back to the future reference) Maybe you could add a tank hull that when you double tap the forward button it emits fire out the back that just does burn damage. it has a cooldown. not very fast or armored. Or, you could do a drop box that gives that ability, I don't know.

It's a cool idea, but I don't feel like it fits into Tanki X at the moment.

I don't think that's very Tanki, nor do I think that would be possible. So far, the only thing that deals damage is the turret/mines. If you were to make a hull do damage as well, that's a whole different story though! Points for creativity:P

First of all if you have a good imagination then please use some sensible words . You could use photoshop or stop creating idiotic topics . Its kinda a kiddy thing so please edit it :) .

Re-read your statement please. You're jumping around like an animal on a wild goose chase. All I was saying is that I dislike this idea, but I like Blazedoc_23's creativity!