Shaft M1 skin texture bug.

Unexpectable 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 9

On the shaft M1 skin the view finder and the heat sink on the barrel does not light up.


M1: View finder and the barrel is highlighted in red.

We expect a new update which will fix the bug)

Which update are you referring to? The latest one did not include a fix.

(I'm Ace_of_Sp4des) Are the lights on M1 shaft visible in-battle, or is this just an in-garage problem? I am unable to play due to the black screen bug.

Good point, it is the same in-battle. Sorry to hear that you can't load the game. :(

Maybe it's because you haven't upgraded Shaft enough. I'm not quite sure. Also, I am unable to log into my Ace_of_Sp4des account (forum and help site) for some reason.

I don't think so, because all the other skins show up fine even though many of them are not upgraded nearly enough.

Since it's is a new update, it's kind of expected. I'm sure that developers will fix this by the next update.

By "it is the same in-battle", do you mean that the errors are the same in battle, or the M1 appears the same as in the picture?

Yup. The first one, the texture fails to show in battle as well.


Is the problem still there after the update?