2 bugs in tanki x

AzaborBR 3 years ago • updated by BlueNinja1027 3 years ago 2

Hello, I come to report two major bugs I noticed in x tanki. I do not know if you are already aware of These so I will report bugs.

1: The first bug is a bug in the camera, what happens When You are

using the turret shaft, When You walk with the tank and turns the turret

does not keep the tank and so the camera is facing.

2: Bug after a tank is destroyed and I noticed que sometimes you are

"beating the air", you will go through the place and beats the air and

Often die because it is attached to it. I

noticed que may be because of two situações que this happens, the first

is That It can be the player who is bug, it is present, can kill but

does not Appear in the list of players and not in the room (battle) it may be que problem is you beating him.

Or may be the "delay" for the tank reborn, he dies but the shell of the

tank is invisible, there is a while and Then desapacere, I noticed que

this has happened to me, I was in a gold and many tanks died I go where the tanks died and I got stuck, giving the impression que I was hitting When the tank dies.

Sorry if something is wrong in writing a few words used the google translator.

I believe that the second bug is the invisible tanks bug which can be found on the Help Site.

I am unable to tell what you are trying to say in the first bug.

(I'm Ace_of_Sp4des) For the first problem, are you using mouse controls? I am not quite sure what the problem is, but I think that you're trying to say that the camera doesn't face the same direction as the turret.