Dani3009 3 years ago • updated by Fonty.Live 3 years ago 3

I have Upgrade 10 and Mastery 10 equipment but only can join 11-20 battles ?!?!
Why? Thats stupid!

If I equip a Upgrade 1 Weapon and a Mastery 11 Upgrade 10 hull it says: Mastery will be adjusted
That doesnt make sence bcause I have lv. 10 Upgrade (so my Turret is a lv. 10 in term of stats) and the adjusted Mastery is useless !

So I have 10/10 gear and have to play 11-20 ?!?!? Thats a bug!

It isn't really a bug. I think that it's a game mechanic that needs to be reworked. The Upgrade/Mastery system has not been thoroughly explained. I'm sure developers will either explain why it's like that, or change the mastery/upgrade system.

You are not forced to play in 11-20, look around and you should find some 0-10 battles that you can play in. As for the adjusting I don't know.

This error has been corrected in today's updating.