Incorrect Dust Particles

Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago • updated by bebo321 2 years ago 13

As you can see here, the dust particles behind me are for dirt, when it should be pebbles/rock. It only happens in that particular spot on Kungur. I have not seen/noticed any other places the wrong dust particles appear.

This isn't the most important bug, but it is a small problem that I have with the game.

This is probably a graphic failure . You should inspect your PC . It didn't happen to me at all :P .

How would I do that? I'm not exactly what you'd call a computer expert.

Actually I tested the game on all graphics settings without 0 lag . And I also tested the spot which you said was a problem of dust particles . Most probably it is a problem with your graphic card or it is failing to produce enough frames per second which results in the graphic failure . Try killing all the processes which consume RAM and also disable programs at startup . Good luck !

I got the same problem with the dirt in the wrong place. (just tested it)

I think it's just a small error as you said. You should go to your control panel and uninstall any programs who's publisher you do not recognize, or program you do not need. This will clear some background tasks and make everything less laggy!

Optimus, you can't kill all the cookies! Some of them have to be there. All the graphic card does is allows your computer to turn bits into pixels, nothing more. If you have a good card than the image would be more clear. Furthermore, a card can't cause a different type of dust. It's a little bug in the game itself. FPS would only many frames you would see in a second, NOT the actual image you would see.


I don't know what's wrong with you :/ .

If you have a better graphics card your graphics are better in terms of low to ultra. Clear is a different term, low graphic can generally start to pixelate farther distanced objects to make sure your gpu can live.

So, is this just a problem I have, or everybody has? It only occurs on that exact spot on Kungur. It's about a 5 meter by 5 meter area where dirt appears instead of pebbles. If you don't know what 5 meters is, it's about the length of a hornet.


I can confirm that this happens, even when the game is not lagging. It is most likely a mistake in the material map, and has nothing to do with your PC.

Still happening: Minor but annoying.


The bug is still in the game (4 months wow -_-), it happens at this spot only, I just tested it

The bug also happens at this spot