ghost tanks still in game when are they going to get fixed

meanoldfart6 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 7

8/19/2016 between 8am and 9:30 am est. three games in science dm. every one had a ghost tank......... three different games....... in two of the games in the tunnel I landed on top of the ghost. only one time did they kill me. but both times I am floating in air, but what was under me was moving. another time going up one of the ramps I ran into and could not go up with out it moving first. as soon as I reached the top I was killed with nothing in sight any where.

PLEASE fix this glitch it is hard taking on such a tank.

BY the way I reported another super tank, on speed, or should I say super super super super speed, it moved so fast from one of the field to get the flag and back around the game. no other tank could keep up or shoot it.

I agree, people say this is not an issue, but we cannot have open beta if this is still a problem.


Please do not post a duplicate topic about invisible tanks. The original topic can be found here: http://help.tankix.com/topics/1927-invisible-tank-some-players-are-invisible-on-my-screen-bug/

Although it may seem that posting duplicate topics increases attention to the problem, it doesn't. The developers are working hard to resolve the issue. Seeing a duplicate topic again and again is very annoying.


I am sick of this invisible and similar cheat bugs. If the game is released like that to open beta is not good. Or if it is something which developers are testing I think too many people are frustrated from that kind of "tests"!


I got downvoted on my topic for reporting this bug and people said this is not an issue, I agree with you, open beta cannot be launched with this bug still in the way and it is frustrating. It is annoying and it is even more annoying when people( example DamnSlow) say this is not important. Closed beta testing is all about finding and fixing issues and bugs, we need to take our time. http://help.tankix.com/topics/3096-invisible-players/ Here is my topic.


People didn't say that it wasn't an issue, they said that you shouldn't post duplicate topics. We said that although it is an important issue, posting duplicate topics is unnecessary and annoying. I know that everyone feels frustrated about the invisible players glitch, we need to be patient.


We said it is an issue. And they can go into open beta if they want. This bug will be fixed before final and that's all that matters because it's BETA. And when it's hard to solve a bug... it's hard to solve a bug you know. This bug happens in rare cases to people randomly. That's interesting in itself. Ace is right, they don't need anymore bug reports on this topic. Its just more unnecessary spam on the help site.