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Garage on Mac OSX lags more than game itself.

person120 3 years ago • updated by Linksys 1 year ago 3

Hello, (I do not know if this has been posted already, so just let me know if it has)

The garage on Mac lags a lot more than the actual game. The game itself runs at 40-60 fps on HIGH graphics, but the garage about 5-20 fps on HIGH graphics also.

Not a mac user, but it would be helpful if you post the game logs here.


I noticed that if you toggle the window size from fullscreen to windowed and back, there is less delay in the interface and the movements are smoother. In game toggling the window size also increases frames, and also increases the GUI size. I do not believe that this increase in frames as a result of toggling screen size was intentional, which is why I have posted this video: