Sever Lag

CJGuitar 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 6

Just so the devs know if they're stress-testing the severs, the game is starting to lag more. It seems that everyone is laging.

P.S. Sorry is this is a duplicate

The stress test is supposed to lag. Developers are doing this test to see how much lag or problems occur. This isn't really a bug. Also, if the servers haven't lagged for awhile, developers may increase the load on servers (increases lag) to see what kind of problems may occur.

Hello, this is because the server has the capacity to handle ONLY 400-500 player's at a maximimum level and due to thousands of beta key's given away there are a lot of players entering the game which overloads the server thus causing a laggish problem.

I know guys. I know what is going on. Just want to let the devs know.

I believe that the developers know this. They monitor the stress test, they know that there is lag, they know what they are doing. Only let developers know about more important problems other than the small things like lag, and don't post duplicate topics. Although posting duplicate topics may seem to help get developer's attention, it doesn't.

They already know, that's what the stress TEST is, they test it