Nickname "T_I_M_U_R"

CJGuitar 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB 3 years ago 9

Here is a pic of the kill list with TIMUR

Saw it too. Didn't think much.... Wait! I was in that battle, too!!!!!!

I can't open the duplicate but I think that {100:97...} is his/her nickname.

No, 100:97EF25 is the Legend rank code, T_I_M_U_R.444 is his nickname.

That's what he was doing, probably hacked since he is a know hacker, in CBT. Haven't seen him yet in OBT, have you?

Nope. Looks like he was banned or something, or he hacked himself some XT equipment and isn't in the same area as us.

I guess we can only hope they got rid of him, although if he could hack himself up there that fast, it may not be be the last we'll see of him. As you say, maybe he'll be back under a new guise.

I see there are several other hackers in the OBT now. Hopefully they can remove them too.

Let's just keep on battling!!!

Agreed! These 100 supplies are real helpful! Think about what would happen if they put gold box supplies in TX before the OBT!!! 100 GOLD BOXES!!!