Time to bring down the Drug Lords devs, come on...

DefiantTrekk 3 years ago • updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago 6

It needs to stop.

Drugs; they don't need testing. If you want to leave it at 5x battle funds, raise the price of drugs, its getting a little hard to compete with the drug lords who actually have no need to use them because they have talents to combine them with.

This is ruining beta testing. Please do something about it. The battles are all about who has the best druggers currently.

Some of us enjoy the challenge of being a good player rather than being the best drugger. On regular tanki, its fine because its not cheap. But there is no need to have the price of drugs so low that you can buy drugs faster than you can upgrade your tank.

Bring back the skill, put the drugs back in their corner where they are supposed to be.

In come the k/d obsessed haters who are enjoying this little break from the acctual talented members of the community: Let the crying and heckling begin!

Honestly I see no problem with it. I actually see a benefit to this. I think the prices to upgrade tanks should be more expensive and there is to be more xp required to rank up in TX, and for the 5x battle fund and the drugs to remain how they are! The benefit... everyone would need to develop certain skills on how to drug. I drug moderately but wisely (a.k.a. I don't drug so much that I spend more on the drugs then I get rewards from the battle. and I also only use the drugs I need at the times I need.) Furthermore, I've got enough skill with my ricochet that I can throw on a double damage and beast with it. But then when I run into a person with double shield then everything balances out again. You also have to remember that these drugs last a two thirds of the time that they used to, making them fairly useless in small battles.

Your clearly ignorant of how the current economy is set up David.


Drugging is an important concept in the game. It can helps players who are bad (and players who are good). Smart supplies was created to balance the game (so players could not use all drugs at once). Also, because the funds are x5, players can buy more drugs. Once the beta tests are over, funds will be significantly lower. This makes it so players can not buy drugs as often. Furthermore, drugging (in the CBT) can help us get kills for the Closed Beta Quest. Don't you want a Tanki Online map or modified turret?

I don't buy drugs but I'm still got way more than 5 kills

@DefiantTrekk, no need for that.

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