firebird flame

davidthegreat 3 years ago updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago 3

Just an idea

I've always been having a hard time seeing the flame when firebird shoots. It is too translucent and leads me to rely on hearing the firebird rather than seeing the flames if it comes from behind or anywhere for that matter. If you guys could make it a little more opaque then I would be really happy.

P.S. I really like the sounds but when I started out and the volume was down, I've mistaken the regular background sound for the gold siren.

Firebird isn't that hard to see at all. It is a bright red-ish orange. Maybe if your on a low graphics setting it may be harder to see. If your on a low graphics setting, then make it bit higher.

when it starts shooting you can't always see it, then it gets more clear that it is firebird. I'm not saying that it is impossible to see, I'm just saying it's more difficult than it should be to see. Go on youtube and you'll see actual flamethrowers. TO effects are much better. Here in TX the firebird has a break in the flame between the beginning and the end of the flame. I think the end is fine but the middle part should also be just as opaque. I primarily use wasp, so when it takes me an extra second to realize I'm being attacked, then the firebird usually kills me. The only way this firebird can function in real life is to be squirting something like gasoline or some other highly flammable fluid, its lit at the source and the flame follows the stream. It can't use gas because it will react with the oxygen in the air immediately since no match is being thrown to light it, causing a fireball right in front of the muzzle, or worse an explosion which will destroy the tank that the firebird is using. I run Tanki X on high graphics... very high starts giving me lags.

Well, I don't see any problem with firebird. Seems fine to me.