Invisible Players

Akinfenwa 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 3 years ago 38

Sometimes there are invisible players in battles and it i so annoying and hard to kill them please fix this they are cheating and they often lag.


Any solutions please add them below here, and for Tanki X developers please fix this. Thank You!


I have even been a ghost myself. ( enemy tanks did not respond to my presence...)

There have been a lot of ghosts today...

yes they are so annoying


Please don't post duplicate topics. The same topic (or very similar topic) has been created here 1 month before you posted your topic: http://help.tankix.com/topics/1927-invisible-tank-some-players-are-invisible-on-my-screen-bug/


I even believe they said to stop reporting these things as they already get it...


Why am i getting downvoted, I just wanted the developers to know so they can fix this, and this has been happening for a month. Other people are duplicating this topic as well but they are getting upvotes. I am just trying to help.


You can help by voting on topics that have already been created. Posting duplicate topics may slow down the process of finding actual problems. Duplicate topics are very unnecesary.


Actually, the more of these topics they see, the more likely they will fix these bugs quicker because more people are reporting them. So that would make it one of their priority issues in the game to fix.


Its been one of the main priorities for a month. People wouldn't shutup about this bug it almost drove the developers mad,


Actually it's the opposite. One needs to calm himself down to find a solution.

Constant questioning over a topic they already acknowledge will only slow them down.

This is CBT, and they have their hands full of bugs. Some even more critical than this one.

Then there is the pressure of preparing for OBT and optimization.

Give developers some time to fix this. Closed Beta Testing is all about finding & fixing bugs.

Have Patience


it happens sometimes with me tooo , enemy players dosen't respond on me , this is probably a game bug tanki x developers should fix it

Gpo2001 they are not mad about it, if people stop talking about this issue then it will be more difficult to fix this bug because most bugs they fix are reported ones. And i am not the only one who wants the issue to be resolved.


But its a top priority, there is no need to talk about it over and over

Ok, but i was trying to help. Please stop downvoting though.


Still nothing has happened, there are more invisible players in battle and so many players have lost golds from them. Like honestly,they are so annoying, the closed beta testing needs to be longer because there are still major bugs to fix. Clearly Tanki X are not fixing this and doing other things. You can even check it in their developers diary. Not just that one but sometimes supply boxes drop lower then ground level. DamnSlow and others, you said the closed beta testing is all about finding and fixing bugs, then you should be agreeing with me and not arguing that this is not a bug.


Just because it hasnt been fixed doesnt mean they are not fixing it

As you can see in the video they spent almost two months optimizing the game, which is every bit as important. Just so you know game development isn't a work of week or two. It takes 2-4 years to develop a game this complex on average. Give them some credit they deserve. This is a closed beta testing held to find bugs and IT TAKES TIME TO FIX THEM ALL, if you can't handle this please leave and come back after launch.

When did we argue? Please don't make things up.

Stop lying, if you say it takes time, then why are they already preparing for the open beta testing? They should be saying they are fixing bugs right now. Also, you actually you argued with me first, and I never make things up.


You just made up the thought that they have worked on tanki x for a short time span when the release of the idea was 2 and a half years ago. Also open beta is still beta.

Please, stop arguing. This is just another pointless argument. Here's a summary of what we learned today: Don't post duplicate topics, open beta test=any other beta test, developer's diaries have good info in them, some arguments are pointless, and don't down vote out of anger. Thank you, now let us move on.

So you decided to downvote all my comments after calling me immature and a baby. You should understand it was not me it was Ace_of_spades, he already made a comment about it. but now i will downvote too, because you deserve hatred. When you have the guts to removes the downvotes from my topics/comments i will gladly remove from yours.

You brought this upon yourself by abusing the downvote option.


Stop blaming others for the mistakes you made! I gave you chance to forget about the past and move on but you refused. It also looks like you have been making false accusations liar. Also you have been acting like a baby and others said it too.

To be honest you are the one acting like a baby. We should continue on what spades said, stop arguing over pointless things.

Please remove your downvotes from all my comments/topics and i'll move on. I don't wanna read any more of your comments. Just remove those downvote and I already removed all my downvotes that i gave you. And please stay away from my comments and i'll stay away from yours.


You did not remove your downvotes from my comments, the HumbleGoon upvoted them. I was at his place and saw. You have lied to me with the downvotes, for that i will not remove my downvotes.


Last time I checked, this was the bugs section, NOT the "who can make the best argument" page. You guys make it harder for the developers to read the comments that are actually important. Right now they have to filter through random posts that have no relation to the game. PLEASE KEEP YOUR POSTS ON TOPIC!! The developers will be able to identify good ideas and bugs that need fixing faster if all posts are on task! This post by me is off topic too, but hopefully it will encourage all of you to be more on than off.

I'd say stop downvoting in general. I only give an upvote if I like an idea. If I dislike it, I just leave no vote! Please try to incorporate this into the way you do this. It will make this help page more fun to explore.


I think that downvoting should be removed, just like in the forum. Should we make a new topic suggesting removing downvotes? In a lot of topics, there are downvotes everywhere in the comments. Mainly over a silly dispute *cough* DamnSlow, Akinfenwa please stop fighting *cough*. This is a help site, not do whatever I want site. If you have to argue, go off topic, or anything besides helping players on the help site, do it somewhere else.

I agree. Lets make a topic on the downvotes. I had have enough of the arguements.

Hello sir, I apologize for the earlier incident. We are done with that however. We all now look forward to working with you and the team.

I'm having same issue! even teammates are invisible (some).

Devs took it out of the game none left

There should be none anymore

But not for me, I restart the game multiple times until it was gone.

Or do you mean they took it out in the last 4 hours ago :o?

We mean like 1-2 months ago. And by invisible we mean completely