Name / Icon Bug / As name and rank icon show code (Screenshot included)

pejman_iranian 3 years ago updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago 5

That's... interesting.

Well his rank is those of i have never seen before:

Are you Genralissimo now or something?

They use that image for ranks as place holders I believe. I assume that developers did not plan on players reaching high ranks during the CBT.

Artcore, is there nothing the Devs can do about this guy? I've been a CBT since the original 300, and this guy has been hacking since the beginning. It makes it hard to battle against him, without much hope of winning or getting many crystals.

That rank he is showing must have been hacked from somewhere else and used in here. It looks somewhat like the Marshall rank from TO, but if you look closely, it isn't the same, or is it some special rank you receive if you manage to hack and cheat your way through all 100 ranks

and reach the top level?

I was in a Sandbox battle with him today. He was right up at the top with 26 or so kills, then he left for some reason, then returned with about four minutes left and went right to the top again, with 34 kills and only around four or five deaths, just before the battle ended, as seen in the attached screenshot.

Hopefully the anti cheat system will improve, removing people like him, because obviously it isn't working right now.