There is Very Low FPS

Kanak18 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 5

There is sooo little fps that I can barely do anything and keep missing due to Low FPS., and I always get a D/L ratio of lower than .50 even using my best hull titan. It is surely the FPS and not my level of skill because I am very skilled and have a D/L ratio of over 1.20 in Tanki Online. The low FPS makes the feeling of Tanki X not very special and Tanki Online better.

That's your fault


First: TankiX is a verry resource intensive game. Low FPS is normal, since the game is not optimized yet. (Try using lower graphics setting)

Second: The "feel" of tankiX is different then in TO. I have a 1.3 ratio in TO, but get really low scores in TX. This is mainly due to the fact that I havn't got used to the handling of the tanks and weapons yet.

The low fps just means that you have a computer that can't handle Tanki X (or at least the graphic setting). If your going to post anything on the help site, make sure it is an actual bug/problem or a suggestion/idea. Like Aiastesi said, "That's your fault".


We will keep optimizing the game and eventually lower the minimum requirements.