Stuck on loading bar and updating loop

Inductive 3 years ago 0
This is my feedback on a problem that I was able to fix myself by doing really simple stuff

I would like to start off by saying I run the game on a quite good PC and that I don't usually have such problems with any of my games, I didn't find my exact problem anywhere so I would like to make this as detailed as I can for other people out there who are having the same problem.

So I had just received the invitation to CBT a few weeks ago, just downloaded the game this week, it all worked fine and I got to the Play button, I pressed it immediately without letting the game load a bit, garage started up, too laggy, so I changed graphics to very low and restarted the game.

Then I was met with a loading bar stuck on about 95%, I waited for an update to see if it'd get fixed, after an update had been released and the game was updating, I got into an updating bar loop, the bar would finish, say restarting, and the game would close but not reopen, and when I start it up it would do the same thing.

Obviously, I couldn't get the game logs because the game would close every time and the game logs would get deleted from what I read on the knowledge base.

What I did:
I simply deleted the game data and .exe file, and unzipped (extracted) it again because I already had that file, started it up and was met with the silly updating bar, it ended, said restarting, and it did restart this time.

But then I returned to the loading bar problem, which was stuck on 95%, I heard somewhere here on another topic that it's because the game size is big and that you should just leave it to load for like, say overnight if you have a really really slow connection, I left it in the background for about an hour and did my stuff, maximized the game to find it's on the Play button, this time I let quarter the bar load and pressed play, and to my surprise the game was really smooth (40-50 fps is my guess). I checked the settings and the graphics were set on minimum (I guess that's the new 'very low' or 'low' after the update). Now I'm playing like a normal person.

That's basically how simple it turned out to be.