Splody Shaft

warbird100 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 5

I was playing on the open map with the rail and hills, and I was holding my shaft charge for about 3minutes... all of a sudden I self destructed.

Very awkward moment.

Also, if you drive backwards into the ditch in massacre, just like spectator, you can see under ground.

And lastly, on the same map with hills, I was 1v1 a winter hornet smokey, and his tank was sitting level on uneven ground, tracks rolling but he wasn't moving, and firing straight into the distance, but smokey shots were coming out of nowhere!

the only other thing is rail gun doesn't do as much as I expect it, and I don't use it... just doesn't seem to take enough out of my viking.

I hope this isn't to much to be complaining about, The Game is amazing for closed beta.

Better than world of tanks, in my opinion!

Also, My camera will occasionally get stuck in the sky when entering the silence map.

I don't know about your other dilemmas, but I suspect those "out of nowhere Smoky shots" were from one of the "famous" invisible players. When you hit Tab and check the Players list, you will likely see a white bar with nothing in it. That would be your source of those shots. They are SUCH fun to play against!!!!

There wasn't a white bar instead- they're tag was there, and it was 1v1. It happened again 1 hour ago, two people abusing and exploiting the bug, as if theres a certain way they did it.

Maybe your internet lags...

I have great internet and impressive computer, its not a system problem. In the developer log they even said certain actions could trigger self destruct, And I'm just saying its not only spectator that can see in the ground. And, the camera getting stuck only happens when I enter with Vulcan on silence, along with my typical viking + winter. No other turret does this with me.