Gold box chat commands

l.destroy 3 years ago • updated by ray 3 years ago 6

They should add a command to drop a Gold Box

This command never was and never will be

How can you be so sure?


Possobly, but it would be just for close beta est testers(CBTT) and it would only be for seeing if it drops fine. It would not add cryisties to your garage.


So, you want a tanker to drop like hundreds of gold boxes in a battle? no way. But I think there should be a private battle mode to drop at least one gold box in it and make some practice with it and you won't receive any crystals, if you caught it.


No one will play hard if there is gold box command

Well, it's a bad idea. The gold isn't dropped my admin or people or random commands, server automatically gets trigger to drop a gold box depending on speed of fund's growth rate :) And this will never get implemented.