Tanki X Download Problem

DeathlySignal 3 years ago • updated by person120 2 years ago 8

It won't download. D:

1.) extract files in folder tankix

2.) start tankix.exe


i accidentally closed the loading window when i was done making my new account , and now it always get stuck at almost the finish of that loading bar

i cant delete my old tankix folder and start again

what should i do??

plz help im a big fan of this game!!

hey buddy nothing serious here. the game is downloading additional data, graphics and all. The download size is around 1gb, that's why it may seem stuck if you have slow internet connectivity

Yeah, make a new folder, named differently than the current TX folder, then extract a fresh download of TX into it. Just sign in and see if it loads right. If it doesn't, then you might have to clear unity cache. If it works then just delete the old TX folder. :) hope it works out for you! Good luck in the battlefield!

First tanki x would say no connection to server. when it was fixed, i opened it and when the loading would reach the end it says the game crashed. i re-installed and everything, but it didnt open

@Mahadwaseem You are attempting to run it extracted right? Make sure you try closing other programs, and be connected to the internet. If it continues, try clearing the unity cache for TX. What are your specs?

Guys help when i download Tanki X it was stuck at 188/215 mb and it wont even go to 189

This topic is VERY old, make a new topic on your issue.