ghost tank

meanoldfart5 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 9

the ghost tanks are back ran into twice today, ......same game........ it was good he/she on our side, they had the highest kill rate..................... I wander why.............

I was in one battle with three of them at the same time. They did quite well. As you say, I wonder why?

I still can't figure out why the developers can't figure out who they are and remove them, or make them visible...????????

i also ran into one today their name in the details section of battle is invisible


though some how i managed to kill him. only one time then he/she was not seen again presumably left. It was pure luck while moving i ran into something in the middle of sandbox. i decided to shoot in air towards the invisible thing stopping me and voila....

i saw a hacker , who was invisible + using isida with unlimited range . Also he could kill anyone with one click . Please ban all hackers .

Everyone, is this on massacre? There seems to be a bug that tankers are taking advantage of, where a tank texture appears on the side were the red team spawns, but cannot be harmed and has no collision, while the real tank has no texture. Of course, it might just be happening, And the players are not trying to do that. But the isida, I don't know about that... There is a glitch on silence were the tank gets in the water tower, achieving infinite range, but the one click kill is suspicious.


It isn't a hack, ghost tank is a bug

the unlimited range of isida is the result of ghost tank, the collisionless tank you see appears to shoot while the ghost tank shoots somewhere else causing a very long beam to appear to go from the fake to a tank