Playing in a Spectator-type mode.

Gpo2001 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 6

When spawned in the camera is stuck here and i'm am playing at the same time as you can see me in the red box getting killed. In the scoreboard i cant see any names and there's a white one, but i don't seem to be invisible because players target me. I also cant chat either.

You might be in spectator mode and mistaken that tank for yours. Use the arrow keys and wasd keys to move. You can't chat in spectator mode for obvious reasons. Are you sure players target you? Might just be a coincidence.

Some turret/hull/paint combinations trigger this. It only and always happens to me when entering silence with vulcan / viking / winter. If the problem persists, simply use a different combination of parts

or try a different map. hope that works!

Please mark as fixed

lol it would be sad to see my tank standing there and getting destroyed :P happy it got fixed xD

I mean I was actually playing, so it was very weird.