One of twin's barrels is longer than the other.

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Title pretty much says it all:

maybe born in chernobyl xD

Probably in for service. One of the barrels stuck during firing. Note the tracks coming into garage. LOL!!!

Either this means that one of the two shots is more powerful than the other, or one barrel is stuck. Is there a dev here?

Is there any problem with the gameplay ?

No, this is a purly visual error.

Any devs here? I want to know if this is a bug...


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that one barrel is in the fired position while the other is waiting to be fired?? I could be wrong but maybe they meant to do it in garage?? No idea why they would but why not!

In the older dev diarys and the twins game-play video, both barrels are the same length. This leads me to believe this is a bug.

Just to go out on a far limb (pun intended) hermit crab's claws are also different sizes. One is bigger than the other. I think this is either a drawing error or just a minor glitch. Let's face it... this problem is only an aesthetic element, not something that could actually influence the game!

If you closely watch projectile firing animation sequence of twins, it fires from one barrel at a time.

Maybe that's the case? XD


That's what I said^^^

i was too distracted to read that :P