Error "no connection to server"

DMaster-Destruidor 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 28

when i click in to play takes a while charging, then the error appears "no connection to server"




Does this happen to you always or just a few times?

I downloaded yesterday and the problem was not sorted out so far

Your this error problem solved now? Or still you have this problem. If it is solved please tell me how?

I also got that problem. what should we do?

The answer seems obvious, unless i'm missing something. Wait until you get a "connection to server".

i try on my 1st pc at office didn't get this problem. I just get this problem on my pc at home :(

What are you doing playing games at work? Get back to work!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha...dun worry bcoz im a programmer so i have time to test this tanki-X :p

u need get fast connect network i got first like this then i connect to fast network i got it

How much internet speed do u have? My speed was 8.52mbps


Hello please note that the game servers are having a feature known as "auto shut down". This means that servers are not stable and will probably crash . So don't worry , our developers are working hard to kick the client bug and make the client more secure and effective . Thanks for understanding.

it's been one month now?..

guys it will be for few days

What few days? I just 1 day can play for a while...another 2 week until now i get connection error

same is my condition...

am having the same problem :(

Yeah it takes so long to load and then is says server error.

What is the solution of this error 'no connection to server' ???

maybe there is no solution and it's not a problem.. it's simply that connection from client to server could not be established due to some reason, it's simply like when you want navigate on a website and the server that providing that website is offline ! So i think a solution it's not required!

So what to do??


Mmmmmm... read here and try wipe game data and redownload client files... maybe it could be a chance!

Under review

Hopefully I never get this error :D .

pleas fics errors

the game updates but i can't go in battle



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