Speed Hacker (Video included) : LuCiFeR

DefiantTrekk 3 years ago • updated by PauliusDaOne_Jr 3 years ago 2

Cheaters name:


This video was not my own, and was sent to me to report by another player who was responding to my thread in the forums: http://en.forum.tankix.com/index.php?/topic/783-need-a-cheater-recorded/

After talking to one of your Eng community reps on facebook i was assured that the players hacking regardless of the reason for doing so WOULD receive a ban, my only condition for trying to help.

While i personally have no proof, i have personally been in a battle with LuCiFeR, in a capture the flag. Let me assure you the speed hacks came in handy for his team.

@mods: This video is well and truly evidence enough. IF you would like the players name who sent me this video, feel free to send me a PM asking for it.