hack report

BR 3 years ago • updated by PauliusDaOne_Jr 3 years ago 3

i was not able to capture video at the moment, so i took a screenshot

The isida was decreasing the life of blue team tanks and increasing the red team tank's life, working normally, how isida works, but the stream was crossing all the map!

He was in this position (like in the screenshot) for some minutes and i was not having lag in any moment

i did not see his name, but he was on the red team, so he is one of this in the print below

sorry for the bad english :(

I have seen this before

yes, this is a known issue, but it is only possible (that is known) on that specific map. I'm sure the developers will get to it with the next release. Also, major game-affecting bugs are often reported multiple times, always make sure you're not accidentally keeping other's topics from being spotted.

But this scenario is unique. I have seen this only when the tank is wedged in the water tower, not in the corner.

its on many maps

kungar and slicence