Chat commands for Closed Beta Testers

l.destroy 3 years ago • updated by Cobbylol 3 years ago 6

There should be temporarily chat commands for us, CBT's, how else are we going to test the game when we only have 1000 cry?

10,000,000 cry. when you first enter.

Only 2000 now. That isn't much at all unfortunatly

I am not sure what you mean by "chat commands" and what they would do, but I do agree that we need more crystals. I spent my 2000 crystals buying Firebird, and a few upgrades to my two turrets and my Hunter hull. Now I, and I suspect others, can no longer test other weapons, since we don' t have the resources to purchase them. Oh, for the days of 6 or 7 million crystals, which of course is unrealistic in the real world!!!!!!!

I agree, but they said that they are testing new ecomity

guys me too i startd play tanki x with only 2000 crystals!! why???

Well I have Tanki X Developers on email and they said that they want to experiment on crystal generation.