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Hey. Keep in mind this is a white-hat security test so that devs can put in place a really good anti-cheat. I will continue trying different hacks during the beta and letting the developers know.

Things (so far) I can hack:

1) Increase client clock (speed) on the process (Simple noob stuff that anyone with cookie clicker has done)

2) (almost) Instant kill through above exploit.

Things for the developers to do:

1) Put in place server-sided control of client speed

2) N/A

3) N/A

I know that there is no anti-cheat yet since this is beta but this is ridiculous. I will post a video later today when I am finished homeschool courses.

I can insta-kill people (And I think insta recharge but have not gotten there yet). With isida/firebird/freeze

Is anyone else able to connect to the server right now?

I can't.

"No connection to the server"

"An unexpected error has occured"

Nevermind, server just restarted. I'm laughing and crying right now at how hacking is going to need fixing.

I can.

how do you hack?

I will not allow anyone else to hack, so I will not tell you.

Wow. Hacking will be a major problem to overcome in Tanki X.

Everyone agrees with me that hacking (cheating) in Tanki X is a good thing during closed beta so we can find exploits and get them fixed before the game is released to the public which would be a bigger issue.

I have hacked (cheated) 2x in Tanki X, both times for about 5 minutes when I was recording so I could make a video to show to Tanki. So apparently some guy joined my battle and saw me speed hacking for my video and recorded me. He said I was getting banned because he was going to email Tanki Support. The kid was quite mean insulting my (perfect) english. I was so nice to the guy. His nickname is Cashten.

Everyone agrees with me? We all want the devs to fix the hacking issue? And I am helping by simply finding out what I can do and reporting it to the devs. Doing that is not bad right?

After waching, sometimes it did not help you.

Screamer, after watching your video, I now understand why you kicked the crap out of me and just about every one else you encountered. It is amazing what a bit of hacking will do. I NOW agree with what you are doing if it will stop hackers, including yourself, in the future. Keep up the "good" ???? work. PS: I was around during your little tiff with Cashten, I remember it well.

Thanks. I only hack for the video. I do not hack for fun as it ruins the game for even me. It needs to be fixed before release.

I know it says in the rules that hacking is not allowed but nobody will listen to that if it is this easy to hack when the game comes out of beta. It will ruin it for everyone.

Thanks for the support.

In Tanki X, isida is an OP weapon and that is about the amount of time it takes to kill someone without hacking. I think that isida should be toned down a bit so that it cant dominate so much, but i do think hackers could be a problem

Nope, it is way faster. You should see my ricochet game-play. I can kill in half-seconds. Also my isida has not been upgraded very much because I do not have much time.

How do you rank up in Tanki X?

Hackers should be banned! I have reported them and have video, but tanki seem to do nothing. This just rewards them. They also are recruiting others by selling their hacks.

Here is 6 mins of a 20min video I recorded (sorry no sound for some reason).


So far hackers are:




Please add to this list


Here is another one for your list, if you don't already have him/her.


DangDawg, a small request. When you record video, could you move your cursor from the middle of the screen to the sides, top, or bottom. I don't know if anyone else does, but I find it very distracting.

PS: I never claimed to be totally sane. LOL!!

Ok, sorry. Only my second video I have recorded. Still don't know why there was no sound.

No problem. Actually, no sound was needed, the video says it all anyway.

Hopefully is can be of some use to the powers that be so they can dole out the appropriate punishment, like banning them forever.

Ikr, even I hate it when people leave their cursor on the screen.

You got them good. I think that you should not tell them that you're recording, then they will not hack. Then, on the flip side, they will not hack.

P.S. I think that when the anti-cheat it will stop them, if not, they will be banded. Remember, this is a CBT.

I think anyone who hacks, promotes hacking and sells it to others, regardless of beta or not should be banned for life from tankionline and tanki X.

No hackers are getting banning in the CBT. Devs want them to hack, you to report proof, then the devs patch each new hack that emerges.

In the same way some guy can report their proof against YOU for hacking.


Hello thanks for reporting . We are constantly working on the anti-cheat advancement system . Since this is a CBT , which means it still have some known or unknown bugs . If you come across any hackers or bug exploiters simply record the evidence . These guys wont be banned since this is just a game experimental . In the near future when the game will be ready and released no hacker would be able to exist in the game environment . Thanks for understanding.

This is what I have been saying from the beginning. Thanks for letting all these kids know. They cannot really take a game seriously in a closed beta testing. :/

You have it wrong. There is hacking for development purposes, and then there is what they do. Promote and sell their hacks to others. This should ban them. If not, I may just as well join them in the name of "game development" and I will always target DatScreamer because he screams like a girl all the time.

Wow. Let me tell you something. You do not know how to hack. If you did then you would be a noob at it. Like me. We are no use to devs unless we find something new. We will not be able to find something new if we do not have advanced hackers, like the people selling these hacks. The advanced hackers are more important to the developers because they are the ones to find new hacks.

Hello can you tell the program you use for hacking . Like one shot of hammer kill . Is this been made by Cheat Engine ?

Yea. It is cheat engine, as no special programs have been made for it. If it is not cheat engine then it is a program like cheat engine. What we do is we search for the value and then change the value. So I would search for hammer's damage in a double or a float value using the number from the stats page.

What I suggest for this issue is boost all numbers in the stats page by the same factor, then they would not be able to find this number.


Thanks for the info !

Can you tell how do you hack . Are you able to hack after update @DatScreamer ?


i saw one hacker today he was shooting both hammer 3shoots at ones, please check it cheater nick :PORTES

Hello this player is a known hacker . Thanks forreporting . The devs are currently working on anti-cheat advancement . Please use the search option before posting any comments .