Game Modes (3 ideas)

LD 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1

I have 3 new game modes : C4 planting , Drops collecting and Goal Flags

1. C4 Mode

If you ever played Counter Strike you may know this mode's rules. But in tanki Respawn is gonna be on. There are 2 teams : The Bomb Team and the Defuser Team. The biggest element of this mode is the C4 Bomb . One team must plant it , while the other team must prevent them. There will be small rounds of 1-2 minutes in this mode. The team who wins a round gets a point.

One team is given a bomb (a random player of that team has the bomb) , this team has to go to the Bomb Site(s) in the map and plant the bomb before the round timer is over. (If they fail , the defuser team wins the round) . If the bomb carrier manages to reach one of the bombsites he plants the bomb with a specific button (let's say B) and the bomb will plant in 3 seconds.

Now a new timer is set : the C4 timer (35 seconds). The other team has now to defuse the bomb before the timer goes 0. The defusing is done with N and will long 5 second.

  • If they manage to defuse , the defuser team wins the round.
  • If the bomb explodes , the bomb team wins.

The question is : which team will have the bomb ? When you are in creation of a C4 battle , you will choose between 4 options :

  • c4 is given to REDs
  • c4 is given to BLUEs
  • c4 is switched every round
  • c4 is given randomly every round


  • This mode is recommended to be played in big maps.
  • The player cannot move the tank or shoot while he is in process in planting or defusing the bomb.
  • The bombsite will have the size of the point area in the Arena Map
  • The player who got the bomb can drop the bomb with F and his teammates can take it.
  • If the bomb team team fails to plant the bomb in time , they will self-destruct. ( Defuser Team Wins )
  • If the C4 explodes , the planter will recieve kills. He kills all the enemy team. ( Bomb Team Wins )
  • If the C4 is defused , the bomb team players will self-destruct. ( Defuser Team Wins )

2.Drops Collecting Mode

This mode will be nor individual nor with teams like DM and TDM

The objective in this mode is to collect as many drops . Not supplie drops , but just some drops that will be called "resources" like food , water , clothes , ammo etc. These are going to drop a bit faster than supplie drops and with a different color parachute. I guess this is easier to understand . The team who collects more drops will win or the player in DM who collects more will win.

2.Goal Flags Mode (Football)

This will be with flags

There will be 3 flags in the map , a blue flag in a corner , a red flag in another corner and a green flag in middle of the map. Both teams has to take the green flag and capture it in the enemy's flag . So red team has to capture the green flag in the blue flag , but blue team is fighting for the opposite. Remember that the blue and red flags are not able to move , they are the goal.

idea 1: do you really think this'll happen? CP was apparently not enough for you.

idea 2: if you need any of those, yes, it'll be FFA, and HOW ARE YOU IN A TANK?

idea 3: you are pretty much asking for assault mode again. not gonna happen.