Not a bug

I am banned for threat, although i didnt pose any threat to tanki x, WHY?

that-one-leo 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 7


I didnt even pose a threat to tanki x, and i even gave the hacker's website to you with complete details and satisfying you that he is the hack developer, and i wanted to know more about the hack so that i can warn u that what the hack could do. I didnt have any control of the hack, i only wanted to secure you from the hack....

Plz unban my posting and remove any points that will last on me forever that will cause me not to post anything in the forums....

Plz artcore, i beg u


Hi Leo,

Unfortunately, your ban will not be lifted, at least while the game is in Closed Beta.

You reported the hacker on the Forum, which is forbidden. We clearly advise everybody to post them here, on the help site. You were basically promoting it and you threatened us at the end of your message.

You were only banned on the Forum, your help site and game account are still active, everything a Closed Beta tester needs.

Have a nice day.

but i want to aware you of the bugs, kind of what others do.... Plz help.... tanki x means to me everything, my life

it is what i earn from, what i live on and what i do everytime... plz help and i am no threat to tanki x the message was only an ask for reward or so

i regret, plz help

I am sorry, nothing can be done. You can still read the forum.

WHERE IS UR HUMANITY TANKI X! we play for you and i told u about the hack and things, and in return u ban us, i am really unsatisfied with ur help... :(