new hacker

davidthegreat 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Hackers are to be reported on the help site under "bugs", not the forum. This is where it is supposed to be.

There still hackers (speed hackers for example) even with anti cheat. So the anti cheat does not work.

  • to close to call though he hacked

The anti cheat for the speed hack has reduced so much already, but not all...I try to spot hackers to the best of my ability though those invisible ones are just impossible to identify. At the end of second 7 you can see the shaft move extremely fast considering that was a viking. Even a wasp with double speed can't get from the raised portion of Rio to the beach part in just 3 seconds! I've tested this myself and my wasp has 34 mastery.

To the Tanki X team, I want to say you did an excellent job so far in creating this new platform! Just a suggestion, I would create an algorithm that will determine if a player has a nickname in the tab activated menu in the battle, if it was to not find any text in a players box where a nickname should be, or just spot the color white from a spectators focal point, then they would be flagged on the server for further inspection.