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Protection modules

matthijskik 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 5

Since I have been following Tanki X, I have also been playing Tanki Online. I have always been super excited for Tanki X, and when I got my first invite code, I was super happy with it. But one thing that I have noticed is that there are no paint protections. After a while, I found out that there is a huge change that the paint protections will never be added. Now there launched a new system in TO a little time ago, and it's awesome! It separated the paints and protection modules. Now the paints don't have protection anymore in TO. Since paints in TX don't protect u either, could they maybe also add the protection module system into this game? The paints are just decoration, and in one of the videos about Tanki X, they also told us that there will be added other decorations, such as stickers and logos.


I a extremely against protection modules. Paints have become overpriced. I might be okay with protection modules if they are just like in Tanki Online (with the "R" or "V" buttons showing everyone's protections), but with unlockable paints that are at a relativiley low price.

Wait, you just said that you dislike protection modules but at the same time you like them? wat

Maybe you meant to say "I am extremly against the patch that brought protection modules (because it contained the ridiculous change to paint prices) even tho I like the protection modules itself", idk...

But yea, I also think that they exaggerated with the paint prices in TO. I like the idea behind protection modules, even tho I'm not sure if they are correctly balanced (prices) in TO. I would have no problem with a bunch of paints around an average price and like 3-5 special paints at a up to 80% higher price or so in combination with the protection modules in TX.

They don't have prot modules in TX yet because why would you need one in the CBT?

Ace I do agree. Some paints have become overpriced. I was lucky to get Mary before the update >:) I think that the paints are now priced of looks.