matthijskik 3 years ago • updated by Aiastesi 3 years ago 3

I just came up with an idea for a killcam. It's a very simple idea, and it would partly replace the current respawn animation. After u get killed, you will see a bar at the bottom of your screen with the following information about the person who killed you;

- Obviously the nickname

- The remaining health of the person

- The killcount

- The deathcount

- The upgrade level of his hull

- The upgrade level of his turret

Besides all that, you would see his tank in a bright color, even when he is behind a wall.

I hope you all like this idea, and that some of this will be implemented in someway.

This will last for the same amount of time that the current re-spawning does. After that time you will go back to your tank, while in the meantime you have re-spawned. Something optional would be that you can skip the killcam. When you do this, you will continue on the normal re-spawning animation.

It is possibly a good idea, but it might slow down the respawn time. I wouldn't want it to take too long to respawn. Also, while respawning you can get a birds-eye view of the battle. That is very helpful when trying to find a flag, player, or where a gold drops.

ehm, why would you need this? ever?