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Why is it lagging? I can barely run it on "very low" above 20fps...

Xenon 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 13

I asked this on the forum but i didn't get an answer.

So I was trying to play Tanki X, I first tried it on very high(cuz that's how i run the current triple a titles) at it was horrible. I didn't have fraps because of win10 issues but i could feel it, i was having around 15fps.Same with Tanki Online for whatever reason.

I restarted the game and tried every graphics option and I lowered the resolution too, nothing happened.Same crappy lags in every battles.

Then I tried to update my graphics driver, what I did. I restarted my PC and it was the almost the same.

I had the same FPS in every graphics option.I could run it smoothly, for like 5minutes, then it started to lag very bad till i couldn't even go straight with my tank....

I updated Flash player too, nothing helped---

I have newest Windows 10 update, newest flash player, newest graphics driver and im far beyond the minimum system requirements.

Does anybody have an idea what is going wrong?

When I checked the utilization my cpu was at 30% my ram was at 30-40% and my gpu was at 20% which is really weird in my opinion :(.

same thing with me it might be poor optimization or just connection issues

Yes I thought the same too, but still the game is unplayable... :(

Can you post your PC specs. (Must: Graphic card, Processor, RAM, OS)

i3-4160,8GB,Asus 260X,Win10


PC specs will help.

I have 2.

The older one:


On this config it didn't even load the game up on very low and the smallest resolution, but I'm not suprised about this one.

The main one:

i3-4160,8GB,Asus 260X,Win10

As I said earlier I have the newest drivers(WHQL certified) and updates.

Do you mean the AMD R9 260x or the R7 260x?

Maybe provide psu wattage...

I don't think there is an R9 version, its R7.

My psu is a chieftec ctg 450w 85+ its more than enough for my config.

there shouldn't be an issue

(but you can't run AAA titles on Very High with a R7 260x...)

You can if u tweak some settings(so overall its not maxed out so its true what you say) and a little overclocking can give you at least 5fps boost. I usually don't activate msaa(~+15fps). Batman AK @30fps

Anyway the thing is that i can't play above high(or even medium in bigger maps) settings, which is fustrating in a game like Tanki.

Oh, Tanki X doesn't use Flash; updating it is useless. Do you have Unity???