How can i see which level an enemy tank is? - Battlerating?

BUUURN 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 6

I really want to know how to see which hull-/turret-level i am facing? sometimes it seems i'm facing tanks much higher ranked than me...

Is there anything of Battlerating?

HI, this topic is really important to me...

is there really anybody who can answer this?

You can see a player's rank when pressing "Tab". You currently can't see the level of a turret/hull, but each battle limits the level (usually its from 0-10 or 11-20). It's safe to assume that most players have the maximum upgrade level for the battle (10 or 20). Anything higher than 20 is leveled down temporarily. Currently there are no ratings systems. Tanki X is in its closed beta testing phase, don't expect too much from the game yet. Tanki X doesn't have all the same things as Tanki Online.

Thanks a lot for this useful respond.

But do you know if there will be HP-bars to the enemies too soon?

I'm really looking forward to that.

But does it mean i can buy myself a very good turret and hull (lvl 30-50) and start playing at rank 1? or i only research 1 turret and 1 hull that developes much faster than my rank?


It does not. You will not be able to buy your way up. Please watch this episode of Developer's