Dennis16 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 7

I came up with the idea , because I see many hackers lately and close in my opinion they have not earned at the CBT join


Did I prescribed , I meant in-game admin and non imgame-admin , sry

the /vote command's going to be back when the official release is out.


Something like this should now be on, because in my opinion, the hackers have the CBT and the rewards not deserve .


I absolutely totally agree. They are destroying the game-fun.

I like the game. But Hackers ge me to quit it.

Without the hackers, we wouldn't know that these hacks exist or if the anti-cheat system is working. So really, we should thank them.

If here who can chop, then these are to test the developer to whether the anti-cheat system works and have the normal player, in my opinion, not the right to hacking the game.