Anti-hack isnt working

DageLV 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 4

just found it in YT.


The anti cheat is working, but just like a virus, there are several ways to cheat the game, and these hackers are always doing it differently.

What is required from us, to figure out all the different ways a hacker is cheating the game, and that requires time and patience.

There are also times, when the system the game was built on, does not allow us to block some back doors, and we are only forced to ban the users, who dare using hacks.

Well maybe get a cheap computer what can run TX and see what those hacks are using?

There should be a small code in game what might get changed and thats it! Hackers will need to find a new way to hack and... How long they will try?

Or just make a system where... Lets say... Speedhack can be easy made and it culd pop-up in hackers eye.

When hacker is trying to test hes hack or whoever uses it, he gets block and thats it! He cannot continue testing hacks because he doesnt have account and everyone who is trying to hack, they just need to be blocked because they do.

I saw viking+rico flying in air..probably using speed/jump hack

dont have proof