Cannot connect to servers

nineawe 3 years ago • updated by damagen 3 years ago 5

Hello, I've been trying to connect to the game servers for about an hour now, i still cannot connect to them (when launching the game).

I know that its the servers for 2 reasons, one, i have a good computer, it should (and has previously) loaded the game near instantly on high graphics. two, its stopping at the end of the loading bar, as i got stuck on in TO to, I hope there is a fix for this or its just the servers being full :/

PS: it doesnt tell me that it cant connect, its just sits almost loaded.

Oh, I also have no problems loading into TO, its near instant for me.

what about your internet?? could have been internet problem but not sure

I don't see why it would be my internet if TO loads way faster (TO is laggier in terms of latency for me) but I'll take a look :)

My internet speed was pretty bad, is still is (i think we went to far over the limit this month, though im not sure if that changes anything) after the update yesterday i am able to login fairly quickly (1 to 2 minutes) so there is no problem anymore :)

When the update is complete for me, Tanki is automatically restart and when I turn it on again, it's just update again..so frustrating