My observations/feedback

Usurper 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 5

Observation No1: The lag is real i mean i lag like hell i dont know if if this is my wifi connection or the game. But i ll probarly blame my wifi, tell me below about you guys.

Observation No2: Not meaning any offense towards the game developers but the control sucks you try to turn your turret a little bit left pressing the "z" button and it turns all the way.

Observation No3: Rio is the only map that we can play in I know its a closed beta test stage but maybe adding more and smaller maps may decreace the lag issue since the smaller maps have less amount of data = less lag.

Observation No4: The game crashes as i select spectate mode i dont know if it is my laptop but i doubt it,having a windows 8.3.6 with more than 370gb room available and basically better than the requested one in order to play the game, it makes me think that there are some issues with the spectate mode.

Overall the graphs are awesome and i am sure that the game will reck. Hope my feedback helped and that no one was insulted by it.

~ Usurper ~

1. Nope, it's either your position or your connection.

2. Input lag. Also a PING-related problem.

3. Wrong - there are more maps already.

4. That's been mentioned before a lot.

its their servers atleats the us ones game is basically unplayable lags horribly and framerate drops are relly bad


We will take your feedback into consideration. Thanks!