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After i registered my e-mail the TANKI-X application wouldn't run.

Amol97 3 года назад • обновлен DamnSlow 3 года назад 6

I got an invitation for closed beta testing and I started to play the game meanwhile I went to register my e-mail with the game by the special code given by you through the e-mail.Once I enterd the code the application hanged and the next time I tried to run it, it wouldn't run.

Please solve my problem.

atm get message servers are under maintenance

most time when upgrade had to clean unity webcache folder so game load new content

so e had to wait :)

i have same problem what amol97

Loading...... and that loadingline moves like 1inc. and jammed- then it goes back and start again...

several min laiter -no content to server!!

Mm... i try to load that again look what happend.

ps. sorry my english but i try my best :)

this problem is because tanki x downloads ~2 gb data upon first launch. ur problem is bad internet take a look at my topic http://help.tankix.com/topics/2389-tanki-x-additional-data-download-problem/

Did ya read :



In addition you can try:
Re-download the client (http://static.tankix.com/);

Clear the Unity cache (delete all the files in the following folder: C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer\Cache);

mostly clear cache fixed it 'ere


I don't think the email confirmation is linked to the client issue. Please keep in mind that we had several short updates today, and your issue might be related to that.

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