after the most recent update I cannot join unpopulated battles, only invite friends (and I have none in game).

MattyDH 3 years ago • updated by Aiastesi 3 years ago 8

at about 10:40 GMT+1 I logged in after a server maintenance break and I currently cannot see battle details, or join any battles, they are all displaying as empty. All I can see is the battle thumbnails and the red/blue empty team boxes, next to the invite button. The invite button is of no use as I don't have any friends yet on TX. There are stars above the battles but no battle passes available to buy, my rank is recruit 2, but I don't see why this should be impeding my battle access. Playing from England on a Lenovo Z50 Intel core i5 laptop with a GeForce graphics card, via an Ethernet connection. Everything was running fine yesterday.


Same here cant get into any battles since update :( using Mac PC

All I wanna do is play while I'm eating my rice crispies :(


Same issue here, just joined the beta test.

is there a solution ?


Please try and change the resolution of the game to a bigger one.

That computer is so old that it was made before the screenshot. That's why.