Some changes in supplies

LD 3 years ago • updated by tomx29 3 years ago 10

1. Armor and Damage not to be Double (+100%) , but only +50% . So their name be "Armor Boost" and "Damage Boost"

2. Using drugs should be limited . You should make limits of drugs in a respawn ( 1 , 2 or 3 ) which can be choosed in creating a battle.

3. Make Supplies Formats where all players have a specific supply activated or combined. For Example :

  • Armor Format . All players have Armor Boost activated
  • Damage Format .
  • Nitro Format .
  • Armor + Nitro . All players have both Armor and Nitro activated
  • Damage + Nitro .


I already commented on this when you posted it in the forums.

Making +50% boosts is not very useful considering the fact that double boosts aren't overpowered but aren't useless, whereas 50% boosts dip toward the less use-worthy side. It'd ruin Tanki's profit - they get a lot off of people buying crystals for supplies.

Limits of supplies per spawn means camping is a terrible strategy. This will never happen, ever, because people with kill streaks will be lucky to keep them if this is implemented.

Supply formats ruin the capacity of using supplies and also tear down drop zones and also make the battle creation menu far too complex.

Bullshit !!!!!

1. Why would +50% boosts ruin Tanki's profit ? The buying will still be same

2. Limits of supplies per spawn means stopping huge duggers from being unbeatable.

3. These formats will just be used to make special battles.

I disagree

noone is unbeatable :D


I have played Tanki X for a while now (50+ hours), and all I can say is, that I like the supplies system, all works and there is no necessary to change it. Supplies aren't very cheap and it's make game even better.

Talking about Limits of supplies? well in my opinion it would be useless, because every player has different playing style and it would be unfair to some of the players.

Annd about special battles? Whats the point of that? you can activate your combination of supplies in normal battle, i can't agree with this idea, sorry.

100% is not overpowered. Spending a lot of crystals for 50% would make thoughts in peoples minds like "its OK anyway.Why would I?".

Drug limits. Wait,let me laugh before typing.... Limiting drugs is useless,because it will simply limit the k/d ratio and everyone will be fixed to a certain ratio. That would hurt a person with k/d hitting 35-50. Bad Idea.

Supplies format. Is this me or this article is A JOKE? Meaning that everyone got certain supplies activated. Noone would buy supplies after that!

Shut up all of you


mates, calm down please,

different people, different opinion, so no need to be fancy

could see your point LD,

druggerparty is not for everyone and could be very annoying

so a way to limit druggn in / before match should be great or a calm down time between use

on other hand found it so cute how thoose druggers throw away their supp for just one or 2 fragg :)

with no refund :=)


thought they will buy, cause ov faster been on higher rank and then drugg even more like now in TO

just 2 discuss


Thanks for your opinion, guys! We will take it into consideration.

Hey , i noticed that the section of "Suggestions and Ideas" is moved from Forum to Help.

While in the Game Modes section we can discuss and suggest game modes.

Now , can we / do we have to post the game modes ideas here (in the Help) or keep them in the Forum ?

Secondly , it's the first time i see a react from managers

Thank You