Flipping over & glitches

Delirious_3033 3 years ago • updated by CANADA_EH 3 years ago 2

In Tanki Online, I find that I hardly flip over. I don't know if this was part of the game mechanics to make it more difficult or not, but I find myself easily flipping over. For example, earlier today I was backing up and some tanker came up behind me while they were going forwards. There was then a glitch in the system. I checked my surroundings and they were clear, and then all the sudden I'm flipped over and on low health. I noticed during my gameplay that the video is a late response because I find myself shooting seemingly at air, but tankers are managing to show up in thin air and shoot me after minutes of spinning in confusion as to why there is no one in my area. Overall, I think the game is doing great, but to keep the game from being a load of complaints of 'oh my gosh the lag is so bad it's laggi x', I would keep the amount of testers to a minimum. In my opinion, I would not do open testing until you are sure most of the bugs are gone!

I agree totally. It might be because of the graphics that cause the lags or the fact that the main server is a few countries away from were you play.

I've had somewhat similar problems. I will be firing at an enemy, then suddenly it just disappears. It doesn't explode from being killed, it just disappears, or it just jumps from place to place on the map.

There is sometimes quite a lot of lag. I will try to turn a corner and I end up driving into a wall or over the edge of a cliff or bridge and flip over, before it settles down again.