Entering Battle Glitch

FTCelestial 3 years ago • updated by Aiastesi 3 years ago 3

Today 7/20/16 I entered a battle. It was a Team Capture The Flag. Upon entering normally I was placed in a spectate view. First I thought I was in spectate but no, I was in the battle. I was placed in a birds eye view of the full arena, and it said in chat I entered the battle. So I self destructed finding my tank in the corner of the screen explode. But then it disappeared, so I exited the battle and exited Tanki X client. I haven't seen if the problem is fixed yet, but feel free to tell me if this happened to others or just me?

A. CTF is always in teams.

B. "birds eye view" From how high? There is no exact position devoted to this.

C. Your tank is supposed to disappear when you self-destruct.

I was placed in a spectate view, but i couldnt move and my tank was still active

How do you know your tank was still active, and where?