John_Cena 3 years ago • updated by FightUntilTheEnd 3 years ago 5

game needs so much system requirements to run smoothly. im using intel dual core i3 processor with 4 gb of ram and 2.9 ghz and game hardly runs on middle graphics and about server i can say that after 1 hour of trying when all apps are closed i could not play normally all the players are spinning and whatever. i would recommend tanki to take a few more months and get the game to the quality tankers deserve. on the other hand it is pretty good game it is colorful and the engine is way much better than TO i think that if u take some time to lessen the requirements it needs it will be very good game at the end. wish you good luck!

Same problem with same confuguration

I have same problem. I tried ULTRA on 1920x1280 and it is lagging. In 520xsomething not.

8GB ram, Nvidia 930M, i3 - 5200U, 1920x1280

I hope they resolve this because lots of players are actually looking forward to Tanki X and some unfortunatly might not get the best of it.

You said that the tanks were spinning, etc right? I guess that's because of your ping. Maybe slow internet connection.

Try to use: Very Low Grapics it helped for me ^^