Bug: Viking and Wasp sink into the ground.

CorgiWow 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 11

When I first used the Wasp hull, I drove around all normally and stuff on Sandbox, until I started up one of the ramps. My tank sank into the ramp. I tried this on various maps and the problem reoccurred and I also saw this guy with Viking sinking into the ground, so I tried it myself, and that also sinks. As long as I drive on flat ground, nothing out of the ordinary happens.


i was playing with viking and it sunk into ground. on bridges always and sometimes on groud. please fix

are their other hulls that sink?

Exactly the same here, happend in Kungur and Rio every time I changed level.

I have this

problem too

this happened in rio for me ,always ,everywhere, i was going :(


half in the ground! please fix


Yes the same thing has happened to me today, Sunday July 17th, as well on most of the maps.


I'm having the same issue , started Friday . I think it was after an update that restarted the game right after the game loaded ? Viking hull , it was the only one I used until it went crazy on me .

This happened with me when I'm using WASP hull, it become impossible to play a match!


The developers are already on to fixing it.