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Randomly jumping in Rio

Ender_Herobrine 3 years ago • updated by tomx29 3 years ago 6

Sometimes when playing in Rio you keep jumping after you drive the tank above those little steps .
And in Silence when you crash with someone the physic get drunk making your tank do some sick flips or lunching it into the sky .

( sry no pics or screenshots )

This happens to me too. I randomly jump into the air at rio and flip over / do a flip all the time in silence.


Please provide a video.

If not, a step by step description would be helpful.

Well , i tired recording for 2 hours and i didn't get lucky to get it on video ...

So here what happen .

In Rio , i was using hornet/isida and , when i spawn i near one of my teammate i randomly get flipped when i drive over the road side , it only happens in TDM , i tried to do it in DM and use other hulls but it didn't happen .

In Silence , i was using the same turret and hull , i picked a speed boost and was going for the flag when i had a head on head crash collision with a titan/thunder that caused my tank to go flying in air ,

and it happed again with another hornet , but this time he crashed into me and caused both of us to get flipped over .

i hope this help you and sorry if i didn't provide enough information

Ender_Herobrine, if this persists, simply hold Tab. If there is a solid white bar in a player slot with points, kills, and deaths, you are on top of that person. Lag may cause you to crash into a player, then have the client correct itself and launch you off in order to stop your tanks from intersecting.

thx for the explanation.