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Lower resolutions and few suggestions...

s80_gad 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 5

Hi there. I received my closed beta invitation 2 weeks ago but was not active as I had a little trouble with the screen resolutions. I was on a holiday with my laptop when registered to start the game. However when using the normal resolution or a level lower the game was very laggy and unplayable (which is probably my laptop fault). When I tried to use the lower resolutions in order to ease the job for the laptop the battle selection menu didn't resize and I couldn't view or select the battles. What I did was simply press enter few times and I was able to get I suppose in the first available battle. Once there I was able to play the game on the laptop in lower resolution mode. Maybe it will be good if the number of effects in the game are reduced when lower resolutions are selected. I suppose the game will be playable on many more computers or laptops.

Few more things (not bugs): I can't click or see my rang for example and I don't know how many points I am from the next one - maybe this can be made available.

Also when at the battle selection screen it is not easy to recognise the battles just looking onto the screenshots(they are all nice 3d pictures but look very similar when small). Maybe the name of the map can be made more contrasting and easily readable with one look. I also think that an option to quickly select different battle modes - DM, TDM, CTF will be handy like in tankionline. For example today I want to play DM only and I want to eliminate the other options. Yes, I know now the battle list is not as big as it will be when the game is out of beta and I can easily skip to the one I want to play but with hundreds of battles this will be hard.

I think this is for now, hopefully it is enough on the positive side. Thank you for sending me the closed beta invitation, it is much appreciated.

Greatings to the team and well done - this is a huge job done and it worth the wait to look at it and play it!

Kind regards

The game is being optimized every day. Thank you.

Hi Artcore

I hope you didn't get my comments in a wrong way. I am not criticizing the game in any way, In the sign up email I was asked to be helpful and if I notice something which is not right to report. This are the things which I've noticed so far and I am only trying to be helpful.

I'll add some screenshots tomorrow for the lower resolution thing.

Kind regards

Relax man :) all is good and i am sorry you are encountering issues with it.

I wish Tanki X reduced the minimum requirements so that Complete TO can enjoy this game too