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balance the game tankix is failing

rougerider 3 years ago • updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago 10

ok so this is for the tanki x team:

I was playing tankix last week and i felt like the only 3 usable turents were isida thunder and ricochet. I thought ok you know what it might be just me (even though i am a avid smoky user).

so i decided to return to tanki in a week i came back to a faster better graphics tankix which was just of balance as before to get into first place they had to have either thunder or isida or ricochet. though thunder and ricochet were more commonly in first. i asked around to see if it was only me everybody agreed and wishes you would do a few things nerf/debuff weapons to make it more balanced. And one more thing make hornet have more health or wasp have less. why does hornet have as much health as wasp? and since wasp is smaller it's harder to hit which make it have a tiny bit more of a lifespan then hornet. Please stop optimizing the game and actually work on the most important part of the game(the gameplay and balance)

Sincerely me,

ps.please fix the game

pss.i really want a human response i don't want to have to resend a lot....


Thank you for the opinion.
I believe our professionals know better which parts of the game deserve their attention more, right now.

However, i will make sure your feedback gets to the dev. team, and have them look into it whenever they decide to start working on the balance of the game.

PS. This does not belong to the Bugs section.

i dont know i feel like 99% of the people can play barely any laggers. and the biggest thing people dont ejoy is the of balanced gameplay.

but i feel like it has gotten a bit better


i don't really feel all this umbalance, thunder is my favourite gun since 2010 and only in Tanki X is balanced, the twins got a deserved nerf that it makes it well balanced (high damage but less attack speed) the rico is the same but it has more bullets and reload, the smoky is the same too as tanki online, the hammer finally got a nerf and it's reload is longer and less damage railgun is pretty nerfed, they gave it a faster reload but less damage (that not what the railgun is ment for, high damage and long reload) the shaft is fine, freeze and fire need a buff on their "effect" vulcan is fine everything is fine

Dang, Black_Wolf said it how it is and I totally agree with all the statements he said. Freeze and fire have OK damage but their effects need to be upped. I was playing today w/freeze and I can be killed in two seconds because as I rotate around they don't freeze, allowing them to kill me really fast.

Railgun really needs and increase in damage. If you have double damage on a railgun, it should on shot everything except for a mammoth of titan. But on tanki x if you have double damage you have to 2 shot or 3 shot just about eeverything except for a wasp or hornet. What is even weirder is that a thunder on double damage does as much damage as a railgun on double damage. Even if you don't have drugs on, you still have to 2 shot wasps and hornets. SINCE WHEN IN TANKI DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT. Also tanks like the hunter and viking take 3 shots to take out which is ridicules. So please increase the damage

Not everything is supposed to be easy, balancing gameplay takes part to make sure nothing is too hard/too easy. I think railgun is the same as TO right now, also keep in mind the amount of micro upgrades people have either in TX or TO


I wouldn't say Tanki X is failing. Keep in mind that Tanki X is still in a CBT phase, the game is constantly being worked on. Then there is the OBT coming soon. Don't expect everything to be perfect. Also, although you may think that isida, thunder, and rico are the only usable turrets, others may have a different opinion about that. Developers are trying there best to make Tanki X the best they can.

I don't know why everyone is getting so excited and upset about balancing, nerfing/buffing, ranking up and having the perfect equipment, etc, at this point. Didn't they say there is going to be one more complete garage wipe before Open Beta starts, so every one will be back to basics anyway?

It's not really a garage wipe, it's more like an account wipe. You then have to create a new account with the same e-mail for rewards.